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First 3 Horna albums represses

Horna was created by Shatraug (guitar, vocals) and Moredhel (bass) back in 1993 under the name Shadowed. In 1994 Gorthaur (drums) joined the band and the name was changed to Horna. The band began working on their first demo, “Varjoissa”, which was released in 1995. I 1996 Nazgul Von Armageddon joined as vocalist and in 1996 they released a promo tape, “Hiidentorni”, and it gains them a deal with Solistitium Records. In 1997 the first album, also called “Hiidentorni”, was released and second album “Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua” was finished.

In January 1998 Skratt joined the band and the third album “Haudankylmyyden Maille” was also recorded and in April “Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua” was released. Shortly after Moredhel left the band along with Skratt, but the band managed to recruit session members for live shows. They gained a new member called Thanatos (bass) and Moredhel returned to the band aswell. Greek Sinister Productions offered to release a 7″ consisting of the third albums material. In 1999 the third album “Haudankylmyyden Mailla” was released along with the 7″ “Sota”. They also signed a deal with Norwegian Oskorei Productions for a 10″ MLP. “Perimä Vihassa ja Verikostossa”, was then released along with a 7″ split with Fog.

The band continued to release various 7″ splits with bands such as Musta Surma and Crucifier. In 2002 Aarna T. Otava (guitar) joined the band and in 2001 “Sudentaival” was released along with the EP “Korpin Hetki”. In 2002 Corvus (vocals) joined the band and the 7″ EP “Risti Ja Ruoska” was released. In 2003 a 7″ EP split with Desolation Triumphalis was released and another one with Ouroboros. A MCD was also released, “Viha Ja Viikate”. Same year Aarna T. Otava decideded to leave the band. In 2004 they released the live album “Black Metal Warfare”.

Bass – Moredhel
Drums – Gorthaur
Guitar – Shatraug
Voice – Nazgul

First 3 Horna albums Jewelcase CD represses are at pressing plant right now and will be available at 30th August!

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New Webshop and first 5 Alghazanth albums represses

We have just opened new shop and there are over 2000 titles available right now!

And now we are accepting pre-orders for first 4 Alghazanth albums represses (Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity comes with new artwork by Antti “Nuitar” Saikkonen and includes bonus tracks).

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Sacrilegious Impalement – Lux Infera digipack CD OUT now!

In 2013 was time for pearly gates to be punished again by the unholy pact with Woodcut Records, and yet another stab in the eyes of the holy, the third full-lenght Sacrilegious Impalement album “III – Lux Infera” (which stands for “The Light of Those Down Below, the Dead”). Like a fist from Hell up the arse of the “king” up high, 9 songs from beyond the dormant realms to scar angels in their graves. 
In spite of several changes in line up within these years Sacrilegious Impalement has grown stronger through every year and release. SI’s rows contains or has seen members from Evil Angel, Exordium, Neutron Hammer, The Crescent, Urn, Vitsaus among others but the core of SI is Von Bastard (guitars, main songwriting), Tooloud (bass), Revenant (drums) and the new vocalist/lyricist Wrathprayer. Known for their intense and fierce live acts, Sacrilegious Impalement has played live in several notable shows like in 2010 replacing Marduk as headlining act in Firebox Metal Fest III, Armageddon fest (Lawless Darkness record release show) in London with Watain, Von, Nifelheim, Repugnant, etc., a tour with Finnish Black Crucifixion + more which not mentioned here and many more to come.
Jewelcase CD version was sold out while ago, so now it got repressed on matt laminated 4-panel digipak CD with 20 pages booklet.