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Lord of Pagathorn reveals “Age of Curse” album details

Lord Of Pagathorn strikes with their third full-length opus “Age Of Curse”. Eight songs of death reaping Finnish black metal.

“Age Of Curse” album will be released by Woodcut Records. CD, LP & Cassette formats.

Release date is set to May 21st 2021. Vinyl release in July 2021.

Track list:

  1. Intro: Burning Ominous Words
  2. Baneful Curse To Destroy Them All!
  3. Conqueror of Im-Kharasak
  4. Insatiability of Man
  5. Over Throned
  6. Age of Curse
  7. Crush The Holy Spirit
  8. Prophecy of Androgyne Being
  9. Dragging In The Dust


Age of Curse, full-length album, CD, LP, MC, Woodcut Records 2021
Daimono Philia, full-length album, CD, LP, MC, Woodcut Records 2018
Nekros Philia, full-length album, CD & LP, Woodcut Records 2014
Shine Through My Scars, Morning Star! 7″vinyl, Woodcut Records 2012
Msilihporcen demo, CD & MC, Self-released 2010
The Chaos Spirit Among Us promo-demo, MC, Self-released 1994
Rehearsals demo, MC, Self-released 1993


Corpselord: Vocals, guitar
Skrubb: Guitar
Ronitor: Bass
Skalder: Battery