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Sacrilegious Impalement – IV – Infinite Victor

After a long silence Finnish panzer division Sacrilegious Impalement comes out with a new full lenght album IV – Infinite Victor.

Album will be released is May 12th 2023. A week before their Steelfest gig! Which is on thursday 18th 2023 At Hyvinkää, Finland.

There is also available cd + t-shirt bundles with Gildan “Heavy Cotton” shirts S-XXL.

Sacrilegious Impalement – Infinite Victor CD / Merch. / LP Later on 2023!

  1. Reign in Hell
  2. Storming Death
  3. Infinite Conqueror
  4. Coronation of Death
  5. Wolves Cry for a Final Battle
  6. Fury of Struggle and Slaughter
  7. Triumphator
  8. Quelling Sanctuary
  9. Last Calm of Sentient Flame
  10. Winds Howl for Death the Creator
  11. AMSG SI IV

Album cover by Nestor Avalos