Horna – Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne CD


(Woodcut Records – CUT036)

1.Vihan tie
2.Musta temppeli
3.Vala pedolle
4.Kirous ja malja
5.Saastainen kaste
6.Kuoleva lupaus

Primitive Blackmetal in typical Horna style! 

Thy sinister werewolf kult of Horna was born in 1993 by Shatraug and Moredhel. The hammer of uncreation, Gorthaur, joined in 1994 and the first release “Varjoissa” was created in 1995. Joined by Satanic Warmaster (prior known as Nazgul) in 1996, Horna set out the course lead by “Hiidentorni” all the way upon the grim splendour of “Sudentaival”. In 2001 Satanic Warmaster was replaced by Corvus unveiling an entirely new era in our existence. In the summer of 2003 we found our current lead guitarist Saturnus and the unholy trinity of Shatraug-Corvus-Saturnus was born, a revelation that clouded any previous settlements. Even when we saw it necessary to replace Gorthaur our thrice cursed black core kept going on, with strenght anew. It was not the time to call it a day yet…

It is needed to say that our recording line-up is usually never full. What you see live is what we are. Our living distances make it impossible to have everyone master each new masterpiece.

Lyrically Horna ventures from harsh and primitive devil worship to a nationalistic, atmospheric and poetic direction – more and more in the veins of our emotions, as reflections of our ideologies and passions. We are still captured by the obscurity of many myths and beliefs but it´s mostly from our hearts and heritage that we now write of. Strength through the journey so far…

With Iron Will and a Fist to match it!

The song “Kuilunhenki” is exclusive to the CD version.

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