Sotajumala – Teloitus CD


(Woodcut Records – CUT045)

1. Tappaja ja tapettu 05:47
2. Arkku vailla vainajaa 03:52
3. Kuolinjulistus 04:08
4. Riistetty viattomuus 04:23
5. Verellä kirjoitettu 04:08
6. Oikeutus 04:02
7. Kidutus 04:38
8. Teloitus 07:54

Sotajumala is a Finnish death metal band founded in 1998. The name translates to “Wargod” and allmost all lyrics are in their native language The band has gained loyal following throught hard work, several shows and solid releases. Current members are Mynni Luukkainen, Kosti Orbinski, Pete Lapio, Tomi Otsala and Timo Häkkinen. As a result of meticulous writing process the band has just unleashed their sophomore album, Teloitus. The current line-up has solidified their own sound and the approach to song-writing has also taken some very important steps forward. With these eight songs Sotajumala proves they are band to keep an eye on. Expect nothing but a massive dose of crushing Finnish death metal!

Teloitus entered the Finnish charts at position 17 on its release week

Official tracklist translation (taken from the website):
1. The Slayer and the Slain
2. A Corpseless Coffin
3. Declaration of Death
4. Ravaged Innocence
5. Written in Blood
6. Justification
7. Torture
8. Execution

Produced by Sotajumala and Sami Koivisto.

Recorded at Nordic Audio Labs & Biotech Audio Solutions studio at Vaasa between July 16th – 25th, 2007.

Mixed at Biotech Audio Solutions studio, August 13th – 16th 2007.

Mastered at Chartmakers in Helsinki in August 24th 2007.

Artwork by Anna-Kaisa Reed of Mainostoimisto Aava & Bang.

English translations by Sami Järvinen.

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