Celestia – Frigidiis Apotheosia : Abstinencia Genesiis DLP


(Apparitia Recordings)

Aristocratic Ethereal Black Metal. Some of you waited for this album for so long. The Delhÿs–cätess tape was an appetizer, but here you get the real thing. And good news, it´s stronger than before. Now the synths now remains discreet and give their full place to other instruments and the unique voice of Noktu. Then we can fully realize that the band has matured and evolved but not lost its unique touch. Along these eight tracks, one can hear that it´s not simply the old CELESTIA : while the melancholic and morbid spirit is still here, it´s now supported by more ideas, more atmospheres, more variety, more acoustic parts, and more subtlety too. But for sure still in the service of the Black Art.

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