Thyrane – Black Harmony Tape


(Woodcut Records – CUT007)

Thyrane – Black Harmony Tape Ltd. 200 copies.

1994 Thyrane has been formed under the name Thormoon. Blastmor, the former of the band and two other guys are playing their first chords of blasphemy.

1995 Blastmor is searching dedicated members but without result. Couple of songs has been composed and the bandname is changed to Thyrane. 1996 Finally Blastmor finds guitarist Daemon and bassist R.G. to join in the band, and the banner of blasphemy is raised higher.

1997 Thyrane´s music is developed to higher level so the second guitarist is necessary, Avather joins the band, in december band enters Tico-Tico studio and first satanic attack has been created in the form of “black harmony” demo.

1998 Thyrane signs a deal with Woodcut records and the “Black Harmony” was re-released as a CD.

2016 Black Harmony has re-mastered to tape and vinyl by Tore Stjerna / Necromorbus studio.

1.Black Harmony 07:54
2.Sacrifires 08:14
3.Enthroned by Antichrist 11:08
4.Satanic Ages Overture 07:52

Those “Symphonies of Satanic Black Metal” are going to be released on CDs, Tape and Vinyl (first time ever!) at January 13th 2017.

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