October Falls – Kaarna Digipack DCD


(Debemur Morti Productions)

On ‘The Streams Of The End’, OCTOBER FALLS re-materialises in a bolder incarnation, presenting a fiercer face that casts the Finnish one-man act in a revealing new light. While traces of a glorious acoustic past remain palpable, OCTOBER FALLS embellishes trademark orchestral folk with a harsher edge, infusing majestic compositions with unprecedented menace smothered in an atmosphere of forlorn tragedy. The second mini album from Mikko Lehto comprises four sorrowful laments – closely themed to fashion a 22-minute expression of absolute despair. Lush tones create a morose mood, while the cold manifestations drift slowly, reverberating off wistful woodland and caressing fecund foliage in some dark, wintry forest at the heart of the Great North. The songs are suffused in diversity and dynamic, sometimes serene and soothing but also generating sensations of inconsolable grief, tortured anguish and utter desperation. Quiver and cower beneath the might of nature, as gloom and despondency infect your isolated essence, giving rise to a well of emotions condemned to lie dormant in those untouched by OCTOBER FALLS’ rich arrangements. Allow the sparse, chilly landscape to engulf your soul, while the artist’s singular vision shrouds you in mist and shatters your world. Rich, complex and ritualistic, the altered state of OCTOBER FALLS as represented on ‘The Streams Of The End’ whispers long-forgotten tales of acts committed under foggy night skies, with only shadows and silhouettes as witnesses. Atypical and extraordinary, this mini album sees one of Finland’s most enigmatic forces explore a verdant new terrain that few before have dared to tread. http://koti.welho.com/mlehto4/of/of.html