Gorephilia – Embodiment Of Death LP


(Me Saco Un Ojo Records)

A viscosity of riffs that are thicker than blood. soak the weapons’ edges that inflict the highest offences and wounds of blasphemy and pain. on terrified third parties. And that’s how the bourgeois sectors of the death metal scene should feel about Gorephilia’s first full lenght album. as these indolent and merciless Finns are a necessary menace and a revulsive detonation in terms of brutality and intensity. More focused than ever on their scope. they seem to have narrowed their diversity of previous demolitions. on a more yet deadly avalanch of darkness and density that will plague any evidence of life and sanctity in sight. Anything entombed under the unstoppable myriad of this perfomance divided on eight sanginary chapters. will not only see the day of light any longer.but will face the fall and the confinement of the visions of hell for the aeons to come.

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