Forgotten Horror – Aeon Of The Shadow Goddess Digipack CD


(Woodcut Records – CUT067)


1. The Adept
2. Behold a Shadow Goddess
3. …of Man’s First Rebellion
4. Lilithian
5. In Ravenous Darkness (The Shores of Mictlan)
6. Queen of an Ivory Moon
7. Babalon Emissaries
8. Her Crescent Horns
9. The Ghost of Time

FORGOTTEN HORROR, a black / death metal act from Kuopio, Finland, was formed in January 2004 by Tuomas Karhunen (Deathchain, Jess and the Ancient Ones, True Black Dawn). The debutalbum “THE SERPENT CREATION” was released by WOODCUT RECORDS in September 2011, receiving a good response from the media (4/5 Terrorizer etc.). In the spring of 2015 Forgotten Horror is ready to unleash their sophomore Lilithian summoning through Woodcut Records. The new full-length album is entitled “AEON OF THE SHADOW GODDESS” and it will be releasedon Walpurgis Night MMXV, followed by an album release gig in Kuopio with the Finnish cult band Demilich. “Aeon of the Shadow Goddess” shows the band’s evolved, unique style and diverse songwriting, being a leap forward on the acausal path of Lilithian Black Metal!

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