Enochian Crescent – Telocvovim CD


(Woodcut Records – CUT004)


1. Kun ihmisliha itki
2. Closed Gates of Tomorrow (The Cold Harvest)
3. Crescentian
4. Under Autumn Trees
5. Amma I Piad Sa Madriiax
6. A Wolf Among Sheep
7. A Dream of Basaltic Submarine Towers of Titanic Proportions and Nightmare Angles
8. Afar (The Age of Dust)
9. When Tears Run Dry
10. Bonedancer
11. Black Flame of Satan Burning

Enochian Crescent was formed in Finland in 1995 by Wrath (vocals) and Victor (guitar). They were soon joined by Generis (drums), Anshelm (guitar) and Harald (bass) and then played their first liveshow which led to a deal with local Woodcut Records. The following year they recorded the promo tape “Anno Bastardi” and their debut album “Telocvovim” that was released next year.”Telocvovim” become one finnish black milestones with perfectect combination of mesmerizing songwriting, production and playing skills.

2015 RE-PRESS! Exactly same as original version layout and soundwise.

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