Behexen – From The Devil´s Chalice Digipack CD


(Woodcut Records – CUT039)

1.Canto I – Invocation of Zabulus
2.Canto II – Melancholic Remembrances of Dark Times
3.Canto III – From the Devil’s Chalice
4.Canto IV – Void…
5.Canto V – Holy Foul
6.Canto VI – Canticle (For Ye Lord)

New 4-panel digipack version!

Originally this material was only intended to be released as 3 x 7″ vinyl box-set, to celebrate Behexen’s 10th year journey on the path guided by our Lord. Due to countless delays and other problems the release of box-set was delayed already for a ridiculous three years. Thus, the whole original idea was watered down and lost it’s meaning completely.

Recorded at Fantom Dungeons during September 2004.

Horns – Drums
Hoath Torog – Vocals
Reaper – Guitars, Bass
Gargantum – Guitars