Amnis Nihili – Christological Escalation 10″


(Avantgarde Music)

“Black Metal” term here used as a simplifying definition which the band itself normally would refuse. Amnis Nihili’s music in fact is rather richer of layers and influences than the first minute of their opening track (“Christological Escalation”) would let you imagine: let this quarter of an hour flow in your speakers. perceive it and understand how unique their artistic offering is in the actual panorama. We can hear dark metal. industrial music. ambient. weird samples… of course all of these perfectly layered onto a solid black metal structure. Before being it published and become a public release. people from our entourage who accessed this recording for a listen would mention to me early Watain. early Keep of Kalessin mixed up with some of the actual French Black Metal movement (i.e. Antaeus. Arkhon Infaustus) as well as Leviathan. Lurker Of Chalice.

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