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Behexen – By The Blessing Of Satan LP

“By The Blessing Of Satan” is a continuation of BEHEXEN’s blasphemous journey in the dimensions of pure Black Metal. Long awaited vinyl reissue of this Finnish Black Metal masterpiece. Features “Circle Of Black Cult” as a bonus track.

Comes with A3 poster.
Pressed on tri-colour heavy vinyl with white and red splatters.

Released by Debemur Morti Productions under license from Woodcut Records. Grab your copy here.

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Korgonthurus – Kuolleestasyntynyt and Marras CD/LP/Tape

We are proud to announce that both Korgonthurus albums are out now! All orders were sent and should arrive within few days. If you haven’t heard albums yet, please do yourself favor check out both on bandcamp and buy theirs records here.

Due to the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the delivery time and the functionality of consignment monitoring for consignments sent from Finland abroad cannot be guaranteed at present.

Due to limited transport capacity, shipments are delayed and transport connections can change on a fast schedule. In several countries, distributions are less frequent than normal.

We apologize for the situation.

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Korgonthurus – Kuolleestasyntynyt CD / LP / MC March 13th

“After the mighty Vuohen Siunaus album, the light of darkness is seen in a new work called “Kuolleestasyntynyt” the new album continues the same line, but with an older touch.”

Yön lapsi

Corvus – Vocals & Lead guitars
Insanis Xul – Rhythm guitars
Kryth – Drums & Bass

Album cover painted by R. Ärling.

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Korgonthurus – Marras CD / LP / MC March 13th

Ten years have passed since our debut full length album “Marras” was released. A small milestone that seemed fitting to be celebrated in some way. I had never been satisfied with how the album sounded. It was recorded and mixed with such a small amount of knowledge how things should have been done correctly. The production on the original release was a wreck that couldn’t have been made better with only new mastering, so it was decided to also remix the whole thing and by someone else than myself. So we booked Trollhouse Audio and got the album remixed and remastered from original recordings. At the same time we decided that the cover should also be redone. The original was what we wanted ten years ago, but the new mix also needed a new cover to represent it. Painted by R. Ärling it reflects the soundscape perfectly painting a vision of a barren, cold and lonely death. And now we present you the sonically and visually revised “Marras.”

Kryth, in the year of our Lord 2019

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Horna – Sudentaival Digipack CD | Comes in Uncoated 4 panel digipack CD with golden printing

Sudentaival, originally released in 2001. To get the best possible result for the sound of a planned reissue, the original master tapes were obtained from Asta Studio, to completely re-mix & master the album.

Horna’s mastermind Shatraug adds:
“Back in the late 90’s and year 2000 when I wrote “Sudentaival” I knew the material was strong, as it still is, yet the album itself became a sum of bad production choices and a foreword for change. While it was the best work up to date, none of the members who were with me back then participated on any future full-length albums. Many of it’s songs are still in our live repertoire and to me they sound as fresh as in the time they were written. However, how the album was mixed and mastered always bothered me until I took the time to obtain all the original files and had it remixed entirely – this is the vision represented here: full, rich and without unnecessary digital additions.”

Horna – Sudentaival Digipack CD are now in the stock and will be officially released September 27th.

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Behexen – By The Blessing of Satan CD repress

Behexen took its form in 94 when Torog (vocals), Horns (drums) & Reaper (guitars) formed the band. Black metal was the keyword since the very first day! The first demo “Reality is in evil…” saw the moonlight in 95, the second demo “Eternal Realm” in 97 and the third demo “Blessed be the darkness” in 98. At this point Reaper left the band. For his replacement Behexen took Gargantum in guitar and Lunatic in bass in order to do liverituals. “Blessed be the darkness” brought forth the deal from Sinister Figure and the debut album “Rituale Satanum” was recorded in summer 99. Due to countless problems the band drifted away from the rip-off label and waited 3 years to get that deal to expire. During this period Veilroth joined in for 2nd guitar. This line-up has  lasted up till today. After this Behexen signed the deal with the Finnish Woodcut Records in May 2003. The second full-length album “By the Blessing of Satan” was recorded in May 2003. Behexen is and will be BLACK METAL in its blackest and rawest form!

Behexen – By The Blessing of Satan Jewelcase CD repress is at pressing plant right now and will be available at 30th August!

Torog – Vocals
Gargantum – Guitar
Reaper – Guitar
Horns – Drums

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First 3 Horna albums represses

Horna was created by Shatraug (guitar, vocals) and Moredhel (bass) back in 1993 under the name Shadowed. In 1994 Gorthaur (drums) joined the band and the name was changed to Horna. The band began working on their first demo, “Varjoissa”, which was released in 1995. I 1996 Nazgul Von Armageddon joined as vocalist and in 1996 they released a promo tape, “Hiidentorni”, and it gains them a deal with Solistitium Records. In 1997 the first album, also called “Hiidentorni”, was released and second album “Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua” was finished.

In January 1998 Skratt joined the band and the third album “Haudankylmyyden Maille” was also recorded and in April “Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua” was released. Shortly after Moredhel left the band along with Skratt, but the band managed to recruit session members for live shows. They gained a new member called Thanatos (bass) and Moredhel returned to the band aswell. Greek Sinister Productions offered to release a 7″ consisting of the third albums material. In 1999 the third album “Haudankylmyyden Mailla” was released along with the 7″ “Sota”. They also signed a deal with Norwegian Oskorei Productions for a 10″ MLP. “Perimä Vihassa ja Verikostossa”, was then released along with a 7″ split with Fog.

The band continued to release various 7″ splits with bands such as Musta Surma and Crucifier. In 2002 Aarna T. Otava (guitar) joined the band and in 2001 “Sudentaival” was released along with the EP “Korpin Hetki”. In 2002 Corvus (vocals) joined the band and the 7″ EP “Risti Ja Ruoska” was released. In 2003 a 7″ EP split with Desolation Triumphalis was released and another one with Ouroboros. A MCD was also released, “Viha Ja Viikate”. Same year Aarna T. Otava decideded to leave the band. In 2004 they released the live album “Black Metal Warfare”.

Bass – Moredhel
Drums – Gorthaur
Guitar – Shatraug
Voice – Nazgul

First 3 Horna albums Jewelcase CD represses are at pressing plant right now and will be available at 30th August!

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New Webshop and first 5 Alghazanth albums represses

We have just opened new shop and there are over 2000 titles available right now!

And now we are accepting pre-orders for first 4 Alghazanth albums represses (Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity comes with new artwork by Antti “Nuitar” Saikkonen and includes bonus tracks).