Horna – Sanojesi Äärelle Digifile DCD


(Debemur Morti Productions)

Not even the most enlightened worshipper of the Dark Arts could have foreseen the bountiful feast that would ensue when HORNA re-entered their cavern to record “Sanojesi Äärelle”. This time, the evil was all-consuming, the stench of decay omnipresent. Possessed by insatiable iniquity and wanton wickedness, the HORNA horde embraced the overwhelming darkness and gleefully let it wash over them, granting access to benevolent beings, allowing their bodies to be used as vessels of vice, conduits of corruption. Channelling the irresistible governance, Shatraug and his acrimonious acolytes willingly answered His call to create – at the behest of the darkest deities – a double album of spontaneous, instinctive Black Metal that materialises as the absolute epitome of Finnish filth. Guided by the forces of evil, with winter bleeding incessantly upon the frozen northern soil, HORNA conceived a dual tribute to the energies that stimulate them – one side worshipping Satanic darkness, one praising Luciferian light. Both volumes are stained and contaminated by wild, feral vigour, eclipsing all light with occult orations and unholy superstition. Nurtured by a deadly melodic undercurrent, the vicious vehemence comes alive, manifesting itself as the aural equivalent of hell on earth… http://dmp666.bandcamp.com/album/sanojesi-relle