Forgotten Tomb – Vol. 5: 1999-2009 DCD


(Avantgarde Music)

1999-2009: Ten years of existence of FORGOTTEN TOMB… nowdays undisputed maestros of depressive Black Doom Metal, or as they prefer to call it now, Southern Discomfort Music. To carve history into stone they have re-recorded their finest tracks, this time in “one take, one sound and one line-up” and burned ´em all on a double-album. By all means in fact this is NOT a “best of” compilation: all songs have been rerecorded live-in-studio with no overdubs nor special tricks, thus preserving the same raw, genuine and powerful feeling you would face during the band´s live-shows, and we call it “LIVE IN STUDIO”. To add some valuable bonus to this monumental piece of work, the band has recorded two unexpected covers of NIRVANA´s “Papercuts” and BLACK FLAG´s “Depression”, as well as a “BLACK SABBATH” introduction. Also a brand-new and unreleased song has been recorded too.