Alghazanth – Subliminal Antenora CD


Alghazanth’s second full length album. Majestic black metal with death metal influences.
Alghazanth is an artistic entity channeling the twin stream of all-devouring Darkness and the profound Enlightenment that lies hidden therein. The core of this beast is Black Metal, majestic atmosphere forms the flesh around its bones and Occult Satanism runs through its veins. Though its faces have been many and the shape has shifted often, its current manifestation harbours five damned souls in its flaming heart.
Gorath Moonthorn Drums, Lyrics
Nebiros Vocals
A. Simonen Keyboards
Veilroth Guitars (lead), Bass
Thasmorg Guitars, Bass
Recorded and mixed at Watercastle Studio during may 2000 by Arttu Sarvannen.
Mastered at Finnvox by Mika Jussila.
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